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Posted by Nkiru on December 13, 2022


Thank you for stopping by. It will be an honour to serve you.

I help Investment Ready Men and Women acquire or dispose homes and land in Lagos Nigeria effortlessly.

I am on a mission to help Expert, Intermediate and Entry Level Real Estate Investors to acquire, sell or lease homes and land in Lagos Nigeria through a process that is simple, secure and financially rewarding.

I worked for 14 years in the Luxury Real Estate space before resigning to continue to serve under Heights of Splendour Ltd a Real Estate Marketing Company I founded in 2018.

We know that Real Estate is an unrivalled Investment vehicle but struggle with indecision, procrastination, fear, confusion and lack of foresight to navigate the process of accessing safe and profitable opportunities to become land/home owners. This is partly because some representatives of the Real Estate industry have misrepresented the industry. We have a solemn commitment to never break the trust of our clients.


1. Inform you of existing and credible Real Estate Investment opportunities in Lagos, Nigeria. (Few other states inclusive)

2. Help you make a well-informed decision by fully disclosing all information required.

3. Take you or your representative on inspections – Virtual or Physical.

4. Help you through the verification and documentation process. 

5. Ensure you make payment to the right bank account. 

6. Process and help you collect all documentations associated with your lease or purchase. 

7. Represent you if you are unavailable on the day of allocation (for land/building purchase).

 8. Keep you up-to-date with Real Estate Industry news that affects your investment. 

9. Help you resell or lease your property. 

10. Answer all your questions honestly and patiently. 

It is my responsibility to help you overcome your fears/procrastination so that you invest wisely. 

I have been part of the Investment journey and success of several individuals and organisations across multiple sectors and located in different cities and countries. My clients have become owners of prime properties and accomplished Real Estate Investors. 

Some of my clients include staff of Blue chip organisations e.g., Shell, Total.

 Medical & Legal Practitioners, Top Executives resident in Nigeria, United states of America & UK.  Academicians, HR Consultants, Bankers, Top Naval Officer, Government workers, etc.


– Foresight

– Commitment

– Ability to see potential/or being open to seeing potential.

– Real Estate mindset.

We give 101% to ensure customer satisfaction. The acquisition or disposition of a property is a landmark experience for first timers and experienced Investors so we strive to make this experience seamless.


– Primely located

– Luxury

– Eco friendly

– Positively impacting the environment

– High returns on investment


– Residential and Commercial Real Estate services 

– We offer Advisory services. Transparency, Integrity and honesty are our watchwords, to say it as it is even if it’s not easy on the client’s ears.

– Serve luxury to the high-end Investor.

– Affordable housing to the mid and entry level Investors.

– We help you sell your home or land in the shortest possible time.

– Entry Level (Illuminate and present the vast possibilities that abound in Real Estate investing.

– Useful tips to help you transition into a confident and full time Investor.

– Clarity on your Real Estate Investment journey. What you want, why you want what you want, how to get it effortlessly.

– To ensure that Real Estate opportunities are well understood and leveraged on for best results for our client.

 – Land sourcing for individuals and organisations.

– Land sourcing for Joint Venture projects.

– We save client’s time and money by providing information from research and experience on property boom, decline and stability.

– We provide options for clients who don’t want to be bothered with the challenges of building – obtaining building approvals, rising cost of building materials, getting and retaining qualified artisans. 

– We also provide land for those who want to express their uniqueness by building from ground up. 

– We recommend credible off-plan building projects (Developers with a track record of quality delivery) for those who have steady jobs and prefer a long installmental payment plan.  


In 2022, I was named a Landwey Top Sales Star and I also won the Future City Challenge as Third runner up.


* What do you want? Apartment, House, Land etc.

Residential or Commercial. 

* Which location do you prefer?

Emerging, Fully developed, Exclusive, Island, Mainland etc.

* Why do you want what you want? Purpose of Investing.

Retirement plan, Rental income, Resale, Residence, Gifting, Trans-generational wealth, to support eco friendly initiatives etc.

* What is your budget?

* What Title do you want?

Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).



Registered Deed of Assignment.


* If you would like 

* To own a house/apartment or land that is secure, budget friendly and highly rewarding.

* To build wealth through Real Estate investment options. 

* To save money through Land banking and earn quarterly.

* To know of juicy deals, you can snatch and flip to earn good money.

* To make intelligent Real Estate Investment decisions to ensure high returns.

* To buy affordable and safe homes/ land.

* If you want us to serve as your Selling/Leasing Agent.

* You want flexible payment options.

* To be referred to as a smart investor and achieve your Real Estate goals

* Your private haven of greenery.

* Live out your investment fantasies.

* To confirm your exclusivity as a member of the investment club.

* You have the mindset of wealth creators.

A Real Estate investment is an achievement. A reflection of your personality.

 It’s a territory – your territory. 


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2. Check out Nkiru Uyanwune profile on LinkedIn


Facebook: https//


4. Connect on WhatsApp

5. You tube channel

Heights of Splendour

6. Twitter – @nkyruh

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