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Posted by Nkiru on October 21, 2022


 Africa’s largest city in-terms of population.

 Nigeria’s economic hub.

The most sought -after

 Destination preferred.

A Mega City yet a Mega Slum!  

What a contradiction!

Our beloved Lagos City is over populated, a population explosion powered by rural – urban migration and urban – urban migration fueled by the search for job opportunities, growing insecurity in other cities of Nigeria. Also, a young population inadvertently has a high birth rate too.


The City of Lagos and it’s inhabitants and rightly so. The poor drainage system, arbitrary construction on Canals coupled with an inefficient waste disposal system continues to keep the city threatened. Lives and Properties have unfortunately become annual sacrifices to the flood. 

So, when the rains pour down from above and the surrounding water bodies surge forward in response, the city is brought to its knees in tears.

Nkiru in an estate in Ajah, Lagos over six years ago.


A dream. A possibility. A project. A prayer. 

With a staggering population of more than 24 million human waste generators, churning out over 13,000 metric tonnes of solid waste daily and despite thousands of waste disposal trucks, solid and liquid waste disposal continues to be a major challenge in Lagos state. LAWMA and the PSPs continue to push on for a cleaner Lagos.

Lagos is synonymous with traffic. There are jokes about how the traffic tie gele and double wrapper. πŸ˜ƒ  Beyond the grid lock are the emissions from the traditional petrol-powered Vehicles which are highly detrimental to human, animal and plant health and by extension the entire environment.

However, the future of the auto industry is changing. The Future is Electric vehicles with fast charging locations including self driven public vehicles.

 Ranging from  πŸ‘οΈ better pass my neighbour to more sophisticated generators we continue to inhale the fumes and hum along to the detriment of our health. 

The noise decibels we are exposed to at home and at work is a big concern to the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) Medical Practitioners as the no of patients with hearing loss continues to climb the charts.

Another menace we see in Lasgidi is disorganisation in construction.

For starters if you take a drive from Ajah to Eleko axis you’ll be quick to notice the haphazard manner in which residential developments and commercial ones are located.  Have you ever seen an aerial view of these locations?

It appears that the inhabitants of these areas got there faster than anticipated by the Urban Planning arm of the government. 

To forestall this, data driven decisions have to be made for the emerging cities to properly structure these cities in readiness for future migration. 

 The issues plaguing the highly sought-after Lagos ranges from over population, slums, waste disposal challenges, flood, traffic, bad roads, insecurity, concrete based communities, electricity challenges and weak enforcement of construction policies etc. 

With climate changes and resultant effects on our environment, it’s time to get intentional about planning the future cities

This is why the New Town Development Project in Lagos is a brilliant initiative focused on birthing new and regulated districts, settlements and cities to check the incidence of global urbanization which projects that about 70% of the world’s population will live in Cities by the year 2050. 

Without proper planning and regulation, over crowding and poor living conditions are inevitable hence the New Town Development Project which will ensure better housing, access to quality health care facilities, more inclusive, liveable and self-sustaining cities. 

This project has two key components: 1. The Future City project

2. The CSR Initiative to relocate and improve the living conditions of the Makoko inhabitants.

According to the Nigeria Metro Area Population 1950-2022

The current metro area population of Lagos in 2022 is 15,388,000, a 3.54% increase from 2021. The metro area population of Lagos in 2021 was 14,862,000, a 3.44% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Lagos in 2020 was 14,368,000, a 3.34% increase from 2019.

Credit: β€Ί

The Lagoonix is a proposed FLOATING community, a CSR initiative of our Partner Company Landwey to create new and sustainable habitats for the residents of Makoko a slum seen clearly from the Third mainland bridge axis in Lagos. 

New and green based technology will be used to cater for shelter, energy and water for the residents to improve their quality of life and checkmate a possible outbreak of diseases. 

The marine ecosystem will also be improved by extension in the general interest of us all. 

A floating school, farm and zero emissions-based transportation will also be introduced. 

To achieve this long term and audacious project, 1% of the revenue from the Future City project will be channeled into this laudable initiative. Be a part of the transformation of Makoko Slum.

WHAT IS FUTURE CITY? It is a term used to imagine what cities will be like, how they will function and how they will relate to all their stakeholders (citizens, governments, businesses, investors, and others).

It requires future-focused thinking to create superior alternatives to the current situation

Here, city living will be smarter and much more efficient with a focus on preserving and improving our already fragile planet’s ecosystem through the use of Innovation and Technology. 

A beautiful city built with the fusion of nature’s green and human technological expertise.

These are the locations ear marked for the FUTURE CITY project! 

Epe, Ikorodu, Mowe, Lagos Lagoon & Badagry.

This is a data driven decision based on urban migration projections

Future cities leverage on nature, new technologies, infrastructure, design, and planning techniques to create and recreate a city which acts as a living breathing organism that is sustainable. 

With N2m ($3k) you become a co-creator in a livable and loveable community by buying land for residential or commercial purposes. 

Sustainable living is trending!  The entire world is exploring how to check migration and population issues, provide adequate infrastructures and increase quality of life. 

Here is what to expect in the Future City. 

Electric cars and charging ports. Green Energy. Organic Farming. Healthy living. Smart living. A new, well planned and functional community. A city surrounded by greenery.

A blend of green and technology. Personalised Health Care. State of the art Tech Hubs. The Future city concept is a self-sustaining city with its own thriving economy and commercial ecosystem

Why should you invest in the Future City?

– Buy and hold. Early mover advantage. – Land appreciates in value.

– Buy low and sell high. Buy and build to live, lease or sell.

 – Projected resale value 120% – 200% in about five years.

 – Higher quality of life.

– Nature themed infrastructure.

  –    Live in nature.  πŸŒ²πŸŒ΄.

  –    Bio digesters to manage waste.

 –    Solar Energy.

  –    More glass buildings and less concrete.

  –    Buy back guarantee.

  • Nature parks.
  • A city with Hospitals.
  • Schools
  •  Commercial activities. A place where all you need is within the city.

 The factors driving the appreciation of land in the Future City.

* Growing population.

* Low capital expenditure.

* Lagos state Rail project (Blue line and red line).

* Increased migration.

* Infrastructure development.

* Emerging Commercial activities.

* Approval of Construction of Lekki-Epe International Airport in October 2022

 * Lagos State flagged off the construction of what will be the largest Food Security Systems and Central Logistics Park in sub-Saharan Africa in Epe in August 2022.

* Africa Film and Media City to be built in Epe by International Partners. MOU signed during the Ehingbeti 2022 summit.

* $2.59bn has been approved for the development of Badagry deep sea port to generate $53.6bn 

Let’s partner for the environment we deserve. Let’s partner for the community we desire. Let’s partner to preserve our lives.

Here is what to do – subscribe to half plot, one plot or more. That’s all. We will do the rest. Live here. Retire here. Settle your parents with a plot of land here. Gift your spouse or children.

 Become a FUTURE CITY CITIZEN and enjoy these benefits and more.

Additional Benefits: Free 3D Home designs and drawings! 

Trusted Builders to choose from.

October 2022

Blending nature with Technology to give you the environment of your dreams.

Currently selling.

Future City District One in Epe

300sqm – N4.2m

500sqm – N7m

 N2m initial deposit with two years payment plan. Zero interest.

Coastal Town in Igando-Oloja, Ibeju Lekki. (C of O – Certificate of Occupancy)

300sqm N15.9m

500sqm N26.5m

Initial Deposit – N5m to spread payment within 12 months at no interest.

Please note that the plots of land can be acquired for development or re-sale.

Limited plots available at launch prices.

Future City District One Itokin, Epe, Lagos. September 2022.

To invest in our Future City Project, kindly contact Nkiru on the numbers below. 

 +2348036216829 Call/Chat

 +2348129971339 Call/Text


Website: https://

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Nkiru Uyanwune is a Real Estate Professional with over 14 years’ experience.  She is the Principal Consultant of Heights of Splendour Ltd a Real Estate Firm. Nkiru an M.Sc. Holder (Unilag) in Business Mgt, writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

She is very passionate about the Future City project and won the third runner up position in the Future City Challenge October 2022. Nkiru helps to make property acquisition in Lagos safe, simple and profitable.

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